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Our team of professionals at Home Builders Marketing Services believes  in the "Total Marketing Plan". For any new home community or  condominium building we assist you with coordinating the many  subcontractors, consultants and agencies involved in your development.  Our primary objective is to see that everyone is working as one team  toward the common goal; completing and selling the project efficiently  and successfully.

Total Marketing may include working closely  with the following team members: project managers, sign companies,  advertising/public relation agencies, title and escrow companies,  on-site lenders, flooring companies, landscape architect, HOA or  management companies, sales staff and interior designers. "Total  Marketing" depends on the successful and continuous communication among  all team members.

Our experience in planning and coordination  helps assure that deadlines will be met and the project will proceed as  smoothly as possible. The net result is increased efficiency and higher  profitability for your development.

Our services include but not limited to:

Market Research & Product Design

We  strongly urge our clients to begin formulating sales and marketing  strategies during the design phase of a development. Using marketing  surveys and other vital research tools, we can offer expert consulting  on the type of home and price range which would best complement your  site plan. We can help make decisions on architectural styling, floor  plans, elevations, amenities and even fixtures to asst you in designing  a product which best appeals to your targeted buyer. These extensive  planning measures are all part of a concerted effort to help you  realize a timely sellout and maximize your profits.

Already  under construction?  We consistently stay current on home buyer trends  and tendancies. Let's talk about these trends and see if we can help  you make choices or changes that today's home buyers demand.

Do  you need to make adjustments to your budget?  Let us show you how some  small changes in fixtures, flooring or amenities can help you stay  under budget without compromising quality and sales.

Are you an  investor, bank or REO company?   We consistently watch market prices,  buyer trends and traffic counts weekly. Let us help you establish a  marketing plan including price evaluations, marketing recommendations  and construction deficiencies in order to move inventory off your books.

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Establishing the Project Image and Identity

The  name of your project, its logo, signage and color scheme all play a  critical role in communicating your project's identity and value. We  work with a network of graphic designers to help you create and promote  an exciting, appealing image. This image or "theme" can then be  consistently carried out in the stationary, signs, brochures and  newspaper or email advertising.

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Strategic Advertising and Publicity Campaigns

We  begin promoting your projects image and community awareness long before  your models are ready. New communities and residential developments are  valuable news items to the community. Our staff can coordinate the  preparation of news releases and their dissemination to the appropriate  media throughout the various stages of your project, from ground  breaking through the final sale.

Our sales and marketing team  will work with you to establish a budget for effective and  cost-efficient advertising. We can assist you with media planning, ad  production and direct mail campaigns, radio and television production,  and even promotions. We will also oversee the design and production of  your collateral materials, including sales brochures, prices lists and  stationary packages.

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Sales Office and Model Homes

The  sales office and its presentation materials are critical in influencing  prospective buyers. Our experienced team of marketing professionals  will help you create the optimum environment appropriate for the  determined buyer profile.

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Hiring and Training of Sales Professionals

Professional  salesmanship is the highest priority of our client services. We provide  the best home sales professionals in the industry. They are  experienced, motivated and there to sell your product ONLY. Our  management team personally oversees the training of our sales staff.  They learn how to approach buyers from all social and economic  backgrounds and how to personalize a sales presentation for each  individual. They practice, through role playing, qualifying and closing  techniques, how to effectively communicate all the reasons why your  community is the best value and quality and ultimately where they would  want to call home.

Prior to on site staffing, our sales  professionals acquaint themselves with the surrounding community and  activities of competing area developments. Once sales commence, they  monitor sales traffic and volume continually keeping you abreast of the  competitions activity.

To keep up with the ever changing art and  science of salesmanship, our sales professionals strive to continue  their knowledge on the latest techniques by attending seminars and  motivational training courses.

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Monitoring Escrow and Loan Contingencies

Our  professional sales team is adept at recognizing and pre-qualifying  prospective buyers. This helps eliminate "false starts" which often  results in loans that are not approved, and even worse, escrows that do  not close.

Our team works closely with buyers and lenders  throughout the application and loan approval process. This is done by  taking the time to discuss the buyers' loan options and various  documents and verifications which will be required by the lender for  loan approval. In addition, using our "Master Escrow Log", we monitor  the status of each escrow to the final close, and report the findings  to our clients during regularly scheduled meetings.

Contingency  sales can be good sales with our required CMA, inspections, weekly,  advertising, open house and activity reports. Our comprehensive  contingency tracking log keeps you appraised of the progress.

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Monitoring Buyer Satisfaction

Our  involvement continues beyond the close of escrow. Our on-site sales  team can assist you in coordinating and implementing your customer  service program. Move-in buyers needing service or repair often contact  the sales office for assistance. When this happens they will be  referred to your Customer Service Department or the appropriate  contractor.

Until the project is sold out, the sales office  serves as the hub of development. Our sales people typically get to  know the new residents on a personal basis, and therefore, receive a  fair amount of comments and input on how they feel about their new  home. This vital information is then communicated to you and the  marketing team, so the proper adjustments can be made. Complete  customer satisfaction is vital to both the project and your  professional image.

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Total Market Planning

Under  the "Total Market Planning", we assist you with coordinating the many  subcontractors, consultants and agencies involved in your development.  Our primary objective is to see that everyone is working as one team  toward the common goal: completing and selling the project efficiently  and successfully.

"Total Market Planning" may include working  closely with the following team members: Project manager, sign company,  advertising/public relations agencies, title and escrow companies,  on-site lender, flooring contractor, landscape architect, HOA  management company, sales staff and interior designers. "Total Market  Planning" depends on successful and continuous communication among all  team members.

Our experience in Planning and Coordination helps  assure that deadlines will be met and the project will proceed as  smoothly as possible. The net result is increased efficiency and higher  profitability for your development and company.

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"For a Timely Sellout and a Better Bottom Line"

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